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Zhen Liu University of Strathclyde, Zhen Liu is a graduate of the Literature, Culture and Place M Litt degree at Strathclyde, and wrote her masters dissertation on Alice Munro. In October 2011 she began work on a doctoral project entitled ‘The Cultural Legacy of Chinese-Canadian and Japanese-Canadian Literature, 1980 to 2010.’

Zhen Liu: The Cultural Legacy of Chinese-Canadian & Japanese-Canadian Literature

Asian-Canadian literature is crucial both as a record of Asian cultural legacies in Canada, and as a means of negotiating with the dominant white culture. Zhen’s PhD project investigates Chinese-Canadian and Japanese-Canadian literature from 1980 to 2010, a period in which it has undergone a significant development alongside the acute and sometimes violent experiences of the third and fourth generations of Asian immigrants.

Zhen will map out the literary history of Chinese-Canadian and Japanese-Canadian literature with the aim of tracing the development of both the literature and diasporic subjectivities. Some of the special research features of this project include:

  • a diversity in genres (fiction, plays, children’s literature, etc.)
  • an informed critical approach (both in culture and linguistic features)
  • an interethnic study (with balanced attention to both Japanese-Canadian and Chinese-Canadian literature)
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