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Dr Ying Zhou

Research Interests

Dr. Ying Zhou’s research focuses on employees’ quality of working life. Specifically she is interested in employee skills, organizational participation, work motivation and subjective well-being. She is a specialist in quantitative research methods.


Human Resource Management, Employee Relations, Management of Human Resources


Associate member of Skills, Knowledge and Organizational Performance (SKOPE)

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 6344

Find me on campus
Room: 50 MS 03

My office hoursWednesday 11-12.30pm Friday 12-1.30pm


Journal articles

  • Gallie D, Zhou Y , Felstead A, Green F, Henseke G. (2017) ‘The Implications of Direct Participation for Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Affective Psychological Well-Being : A Longitudinal Analysis’. Wiley Industrial Relations Journal, 48 (2), pp. pp. 174-191.


  • Zhou Y , Wu C, Zou M, Williams MT. (2017) ‘A longitudinal study of the impact of occupational mobility on job satisfaction trajectory: Individual differences in neuroticism.’. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings of the Seventy-seventh Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. (nominated for AOM Careers Division’s “Overall Best Paper” award), Atlanta, Georgia: 2017 Academy of Management Meeting Article number 15471

    [ Status: Accepted ]


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Book chapters

  • Gallie D, Zhou Y. (2013) ‘Job Control, Work Intensity and Work Stress’. in (ed.) Economic Crisis and the Quality of Work Oxford : Oxford University Press
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