UOB Open Access – Open Access Policy

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UOB Open Access – Open Access Policy

UOB Open Access – Open Access Policy

The University supports open access to research as part of its mission to be recognised globally for the quality of its research.

In response to requirements from the UK government and research funders, the University has introduced an institutional policy (PDF, 238kB) to support the transition towards open access to research.

The University recognises the benefits of ‘Green’ open access as a means to achieve its goal of research-wide open access regardless of career level or funder.

This route is freely and equally accessible to all researchers – via subject specific repositories or Bristol’s own repository, Pure – and this is at the core of Bristol’s institutional policy for open access to research.

Key policy points

  • Researchers must deposit the accepted author manuscript i.e. the version incorporating changes from peer review, but before publisher formatting has been applied.
  • Allows for publisher embargoes to be respected: the maximum embargoes are 12 months (Main Panels A and B) and 24 months (Main Panels C and D).
  • Includes deposit, access and technical exceptions.
  • Credit will be given in the research environment component of the REF for working towards open access for outputs outside the scope of the policy.