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UOB Open Access-Deposit Your Publication

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Depositing your research outputs in Pure, the University’s institutional repository for research outputs, has the following benefits:

  • enables you to comply with the open access requirements for the REF, other funders and the University;
  • provides a central place to archive and preserve your research outputs;
  • increases the visibility and impact of your research – deposited documents can be made available to the global public via the Explore Bristol Research website.

Help and information for using Pure

Depositing your publication in a discipline-specific repository

Your research funder may require you to deposit your publication in a discipline-specific repository.

Europe PubMed Central (PMC)

Europe PubMed Central is the most commonly mandated repository and is a requirement for COAF-funded authors and some RCUK-funded authors.

Some publishers will automatically archive articles in PMC on your behalf, and authors can also archive their articles in PMC themselves.

The Europe PubMed Central User Guide gives advice and instructions for authors wishing to archive in Europe PMC.