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University of Worcester Pay Scales

University of Worcester Pay Scales

The majority of employees are appointed to posts where the salary levels are established by means of national agreements reached between the recognized trades unions and the higher education employers.

There are salary scales or points applicable to each post and these are identified in the contract of employment for each employee.

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Hourly-Paid Lecturers are paid at different rates dependent on the work they are performing.

As a rule there are three general pay rates that should be used for assigning work to a HPL. All pay rates below are for the 2017/2018 year:

  • £42.18 per hour – This is the standard pay rate for an Hourly Paid Lecturer. This rate should be used where the HLP is required to deliver the full range of Lecturer duties delivering University of Worcester teaching.

To be assigned this rate, the work must meet the definition of HPL work and include the preparation of teaching materials, the teaching and assessment of undergraduate, postgraduate and/or short course students and any other needed administration.

This rate is used to reflect the work involved in delivering lecturers for every hour of contact time delivering teaching, the rate includes payment for an additional 1.5 hours of time needed for preparation, marking and assessment. This payment includes holiday pay, as per national agreement.

If the work being assigned does not meet the criteria above, then a different pay rate should be used.

The Worcester Business School uses a rate of £24.74 per hour for HPLs. This is expressed as a longer amount of hours to deliver the same module. This is done for recruitment and selection purposes, and the total rate for work delivered at this pay rate should be equivalent to the rate of £42.18 per hour.

The Language School uses a rate of £25.31 per hour for the delivery of one to one language tuition and other similar duties.

  • £16.87 per hour – This is the standard pay rate used where the work involves one or more elements of the HPL work above, but does not meet the full requirements to be evaluated at the higher rate.

For example, this work may involve one duty such as the assessment of undergraduate marking, or the delivery of teaching with no preparation or assessment commitments. This rate may also be applicable for attending meetings, open days and the development of course materials.

Where this is an hourly rate, it is likely that Holiday Pay will need to be factored into the budgeting process. For more information on Holiday Pay, click here.

If you believe you need to assign a pay rate different to above to properly remunerate a piece of work, then contact a HR Advisor at The University uses the HERA Process to assign pay rates based on the evaluation of the work/job description, and pay rates should not be created without first using this process or receiving clearance from the HR Department.