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If you would like to spend time abroad during your degree at Westminster, why not apply for one of our global opportunities?

We have a variety of opportunities available, from studying abroad at a partner institution, undertaking a summer internship, volunteering or even a year-long Erasmus+ traineeship.

Spending time abroad is the perfect chance to expand your horizons and experience another culture, perhaps even pick up another language. You will gain essential skills that will help you with your future employability – in an increasingly competitive job market, this will really help add something extra to your CV. You’ll also have one of the best experiences of your life!

Stand out from the crowd, and become a University of Westminster Global Citizen!

If you are a student from a partner university looking to come to Westminster visit our international pages on student exchanges.

Benefits of your experience abroad

Enhance your employability

Whatever you’re studying, taking the opportunity to work or study abroad will undoubtedly improve your career prospects.

Employers worldwide are increasingly looking for international and intercultural competences such as cultural awareness, and to recruit students with ‘global skills’.

Students who have experiences of global mobility are likely to have a lower unemployment rate and tend to earn more as graduates than their counterparts.

UK Higher Education International Unit

Almost two-thirds of employers consider international experience important for recruitment and 92% look for transferrable skills, such as curiosity and openness to new challenges, problem-solving and decision-making, confidence, and tolerance towards other personal values and behaviours.

The 2014 Erasmus Impact Study

66% of respondents believed that the year abroad had been “a significant factor in getting their first and subsequent jobs”.

Survey by

Before you leave for your time abroad, and when you get back, make sure you make the most of our Career Development Centre, which has a wide range of support available to help you prepare for your time abroad and beyond.

Add your international activity to your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)

If your experience is non-credit bearing (outside your degree), you can add it to your HEAR record by registering with the Outward Mobility Team. The update of the HEAR will happen at the end of each academic year and you will be able to see it at point 6.1.

Network and meet new people

While you are away, you can develop an international network of professional or academic contacts that can help you throughout your career.

It is likely that you’ll not only meet people from your host country, but also other international students in the same position as you. Many of our students say that one of the best things about their time abroad is meeting such a variety of new people and that they have kept in touch with the contacts they made even after returning to the UK.

Be independent

Living abroad for a semester or year puts you to the test in ways that you wouldn’t experience at Westminster. For some it may even be the first time they are living away from home! You’ll be putting your organisational skills to the test, problem-solving and learning new skills, all of which will help you gain transferrable skills for your CV.

Broaden your academic experience

You’ll gain a different perspective to your studies. Whether you’re studying fashion design in New York or on placement in Sweden, you will be exposed to new ways of learning, teaching, working, different perspectives, and access to different resources. You may even discover a new interest and inspiration for when you graduate.

Experience life in another culture

Immersing yourself in a country’s culture means you’ll discover your ability to adapt to a new way of life. It will help you to find out if you’d like to live abroad again after you graduate too.

Learn about where you can go.

Visit our student experiences pages to read all about Westminster students’ experiences on exchange.

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The University of Westminster is pleased to acknowledge the support of the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme for its Erasmus+ activities.