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Under undergraduate advanced entry, international applicants who have already studied for a term or more at university or hold an advanced qualification may be eligible to enter the second or final year of an undergraduate programme.

Can I get credit for my previous studies and gain advanced entry?First, check whether your qualification is sufficient for advanced entry by checking the country-specific information on our website or contacting Course Enquiries.

How do I apply?You need to apply through UCAS as you would for any undergraduate degree. In the application, state clearly that you would like to be considered for direct entry into either year 2 or year 3 of the degree course.

How does the University decide?You must have successfully completed similar modules to those offered in our year 1 and/or year 2 of your chosen Westminster course. Read the course details thoroughly to ensure the course you have done fits with ours. List all modules studied in the qualifications section of your UCAS form and the grades obtained.

We may ask for a syllabus of your diploma to assess its compatibility with our programme, so it’s a good idea to obtain this from your college or university in advance.

Please note: the exchange and Study Abroad programmes are not suitable for students wishing to transfer degrees. They are designed for students undertaking a study period of a semester or an academic year at Westminster before returning to complete their studies where they originally enrolled.

Top-up programmes and progression agreementsWe have links with institutions around the world that offer programmes leading to advanced entry on undergraduate programmes at University of Westminster.

Help in your countryThe University of Westminster has representatives around the world who offer advice and support for students considering studying here, and help with all stages of the application process. Click here to contact one of our overseas representatives in your country.