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Oyster cards

Oyster cards are the cheapest way to pay for single fare journeys on the tube, buses, DLR and some trains in London.

Pay As You Go

If you do not travel frequently, Pay As You Go may be best for you. Oyster cards can be purchased at tube stations, some newsagents, or online for a refundable £5 deposit. You can then add credit to the card as needed. The rates charged are significantly cheaper than if you pay cash for a paper ticket. Oyster also caps your daily travel, which means that you can travel as many times as you like in a day and you’ll never pay more than the cost of an equivalent Day Travel card. Please see the TfL webpage for more information.

Visit TfL’s student guide to travel in London.

Contactless Payment

Will you travel by bus? London buses no longer accept cash payments for fares. You must have either an Oyster card with credit on it, Apple Pay or a contactless payment card, if you have been issued one from your bank. For more information, see the TfL contactless fares and payments webpage.

Save money with your Young Persons Railcard

If you have a Young Persons Railcard you can link it to your Oyster card to save money while travelling on the London underground. This will typically reduce the cost of buying some off-peak day travel cards and single off-peak pay as you go fares by 1/3. For more information, please visit the 16-25 Railcard website.

18+ Student Oyster photocard

Full-time students

Full-time students over the age of 18 on eligible courses may prefer to purchase a Student Oyster photocard to receive a 30% discount on Travelcard and bus season tickets. It does not offer a discount on Pay As You Go fares. Season tickets cover seven days, one month or longer periods up to a year.

The admin fee is £20 and is non-refundable. Find out more on the TfL website.

Not all students are eligible for a Student Oyster photocard.

You will not be eligible for the card if you’re enrolled on one of the following types of course:

  • Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Legal Practice Course
  • Architecture Year Out
  • Full time courses of less than 14 weeks
  • Assessment Only

Applications from students registered on the above will not be approved as those courses are not eligible to receive the concession.

If you’re unsure of your eligibility, contact us at

How to apply

You can apply for your 18+ Student Oyster photocard online.

Please note that you must be fully enrolled – applications cannot be approved prior to the start of term or if you are temporarily enrolled.

When applying enter University of Westminster as your university – be careful as the typeface TfL use is very small and there are other institutions with “Westminster” in the title.

Unless you enter your Student Number as the first eight digits only from your ID card, your application will not be approved automatically and may be delayed. For example; 12345678 is correct, w1234567 and 1234567/1 are not.

The University of Westminster will check that you qualify for the discount and send confirmation to TfL that you are on an eligible course. This approval cannot be sent until you are fully enrolled.

Part-time students

The majority of part-time students are not eligible for the concession. If you are a part-time student, please contact Student Funding before applying for the card as most students do not meet TfL’s criteria and you could lose your £20 admin fee.

  • Undergraduate

Only part -time undergraduate students that started their current course before September 2012 are eligible.

  • Postgraduate

Only part-time postgraduate students that have received an award from the Living Expenses Support Scheme (LESS) qualify for the 18+ Student Oyster photocard.

When will I receive my 18+ Student Oyster photocard?

You will normally receive the card after about one week of making your application. If you have not received it after this time please email or call 0203 506 6989 so that your application may be checked.