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A first for UK higher education

We have launched one of the largest Apple iPad deployments in UK higher education, which will revolutionise student learning at the University.

From September until graduation, we will provide iPads to over 2,000 second and third year undergraduate students and 250 staff in the Faculty of Science and Technology. With the new initiative we aim to create an innovative and unique educational experience for both students and lecturers by improving and advancing student learning and teaching at the University.

Learning through collaboration and greater connectivity

The iPads will enable students to work more closely with lecturers, and learn collaboratively thanks to greater connectivity. Student and staff will be able to share content across the tools available on the iPad and will interact through video and audio content, which will offer an effective and dynamic way of learning.

Learning Futures

The innovative project forms part of the University’s Learning Futures, a programme set up by the University to introduce new learning techniques by blending learning through the use of new technology. We will gradually embed iPad devices into all educational practices across the Faculty, which will help our teaching practices become paperless and complement the University’s green agenda.

Digital Leaders and Student Digital Ambassadors

We will provide full training to students and academic staff, so all can benefit from the new and improved interactive learning methods. Dedicated Staff Digital Leaders and Student Digital Ambassadors will actively encourage best practice when using iPads in the class room, and will ensure that we are at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting-edge learning through the use of technology.

For further updates on the project follow us on Twitter @UW_fst #FSTMobileLearning