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Blackboard is a key resource during your time here – every course and module has a Blackboard site, and your tutors will explain, at the start of your course, how they intend to use Blackboard.

Blackboard helps tutors and students to:

  • share learning resources (module outlines, lecture notes, assignment briefs etc.)
  • communicate via announcements and email
  • collaborate through discussion boards, blogs and wikis
  • complete online group work, take short answer tests and submit coursework electronically

Each Faculty Registry also has a Blackboard site, where you’ll find course handbooks, enrolment and module registration information, exam timetables, and more. Your Faculty Registry Blackboard site can be found in the ‘My Organisations’ box when you sign in to Blackboard.

Problems accessing Blackboard?

If you cannot access Blackboard or particular module sites in Blackboard, check that you are registered on the right modules in SRSWeb.

If there are any modules missing from your student record, or there are any incorrect modules listed, get in touch with your Faculty Registry Office as soon as possible.