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University of Wales Trinity Saint David Psychology

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Psychology, The School of Psychology offers courses on two campuses (Townhill Campus in Swansea and Carmarthen Campus) including Psychology, Applied Psychology, and joint honours in Counselling Studies and Psychology. We also offer major/minor degrees at our Lampeter campus that involve Psychology.

The Swansea Campus

Psychology influences almost everything in the modern world. Whether it is dealing with mental health issues, considering how people access information on their phone, designing the layout of a shop, or dealing with relationship issues, psychology is at the heart of it. Our BPS accredited single and joint honours degrees in Psychology are offered at our Townhill campus in Swansea, providing students with an exciting mix of theory, application and skills taught to a high standard. Using a scientific perspective to understand and address the issues faced by people in society, our coverage of the key areas in psychology help students to gain an understanding of just how much of an influence psychology has in the modern world.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Psychology

Staff on the Swansea campus offer expertise in both experimental and applied psychology, and our students’ ability to work ‘hands-on’ with these researchers is a key strength of our courses. This diverse mix of skills and experiences in our School inform both the teaching and research areas within the programmes and create an exciting and dynamic learning environment where students at all levels can flourish and develop strong academic, research and transferable skills. The School has strong links with the local Community through its community engagement work, as well as with national charities and the NHS, alongside a growing national and international research profile. 

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Psychology

The Carmarthen Campus

The BSc Applied Psychology programme on the Carmarthen campus offers students a unique opportunity to learn about psychology in the ‘real world’.

At Carmarthen, we want to encourage our students to look and think beyond the textbook, to understand how psychology translates to our everyday lives. For example, we would ask questions such as how can we decrease bullying in our schools; how do some people choose the ‘right or wrong’ lifetime partner; what motivates people to commit crimes, and how can we support offenders and victims following criminal investigations?

As well as the application of psychological theory and research to modern life, this course will enhance your critical thinking and scientific communication skills with the main focus of attaining a graduate position or related post-graduate study following completion.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Psychology


Swansea Campus

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (BPS accredited)
  • BA Counselling Studies and Psychology (BPS accredited)
  • BA Education Studies and Psychology (BPS accredited)
  • BSc Mental Health
  • MSc Applied Social and Health Psychology

Carmarthen Campus

  • BSc Applied Psychology

The research profile of the School has grown from strength to strength in recent years.  This research activity will continue to have direct benefit for students on the Psychology programmes as they are able to benefit from research informed lectures and seminars.  Students across all years have the opportunity to become actively involved in research both as participants and as researchers within the School. The School’s main research expertise is focused in four main areas, namely:

  • Research into sources of stress and coping strategies in families with brain-injured children
  • Experimental social psychological research involving the measurement of attitudes and emotions (including the impact of social media and virtual learning environments).
  • Evaluations of counselling and psychological interventions for individuals with physical or psychological health problems including those at genetic risk.
  • Cognitive experimental research in the areas of human performance and expertise.

Many of our recent successes have been achieved through combining existing individual areas of research expertise within the team in novel ways in order to tackle important research areas of relevance to today’s political and social world, and many of these successes have involved our own students.  This innovative approach, coupled with the maintenance of existing successful external collaborative links, has put the School into a strong position from which to build an increasingly exciting research culture over the next five years.

Postgraduate Research

The postgraduate research culture of the wider school continues to grow, including a new MSc in Applied Social and Health Psychology due to start in September 2015, alongside MPhil/PhD research opportunities in psychology-related areas either within the School or in collaboration with other Schools. The School has dedicated postgraduate research facilities and post-graduate researchers work closely with academic supervisors to produce world-class research. As part of the research culture of the school we hold regular post-graduate and staff seminars, statistics workshops and research training, and a monthly Journal Club open to post-grad students and lecturers.

Why Study Here

The School, across all campuses, offers a combination of diverse student population and an experienced, research-active lecturing team, creating a stimulating learning environment that enhances students’ enjoyment of the course. The dedicated psychology facilities and positive atmosphere create an exciting learning experience for students that is enhanced by having a team of lecturers working closely together, as well as with students themselves. Teaching and learning for students is focused around:

  • encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills
  • enhancing understanding of the link between theoretical concepts and practical applications
  • assisting and guiding students at every level through lectures, small group seminars and workshops
  • providing support through our personal tutor system
  • supporting the development of a wide range of transferable and employability skills in our students
University of Wales Trinity Saint David Psychology