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Why Study Philosophy at UWTSD?

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Philosophy, Studying Philosophy encourages the development of core skills highly prized by employers: they think clearly, logically, and creatively; communicate articulately and accurately; analyse critically and rigorously. Philosophy graduates are all-rounders: thoughtful, insightful, and versatile. AT UWTSD we develop these critical skills. Learning in a small class environment allows for the development of personal and informal relationships between staff and students, which are fundamental to philosophical dialogue and enhances each student’s learning experience.

The current Philosophy team provides a rich balance between the different traditions, styles and subjects of Philosophy. The Philosophy team is friendly and supportive, and is renowned for providing a welcoming, stimulating and socially enriching environment for new students. By learning and studying in such an environment, 97% of UWTSD’s Philosophy students agreed that the course has challenged them to achieve their best work (NSS 2017).

“Studying philosophy at UWTSD has taught me to continually learn and never stop questioning. I have developed as an individual and academically and feel absolutely ready to leave the comfortable university bubble, to apply my skills in the big scary world.” Lisa, BA Philosophy graduate

Single Honours
  • BA Philosophy
  • BA Ethical and Political Studies

Integrated Masters

  • MArts Philosophical Studies
Joint Honours
  • BA Philosophy and English
  • BA Philosophy and History
  • BA Philosophy and Medieval Studies
  • BA Philosophy and Theology
  • BA Philosophy and Anthropology
  • BA Philosophy and Chinese Studies
  • BA Philosophy and Classical Studies
  • BA Philosophy and Heritage Studies
  • BA Philosophy with Applied Psychology
  • BA Philosophy with Education Studies
  • BA Philosophy with Heritage Management
Combined Honours
  • BA Philosophy, Ancient History, Education Studies
  • BA Philosophy, Anthropology, Education Studies
  • BA Philosophy, Archaeology, Education Studies
  • BA Philosophy, Classical Studies, Education Studies
  • BA Philosophy, History, Education Studies
  • BA Philosophy, Religion and Applied Psychology
  • BA Philosophy, Religious Studies, Education Studies