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The University offers a range of Chinese Studies undergraduate courses.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David Chinese Studies, Based on Lampeter, Chinese Studies is a interesting area of study.

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Chinese Studies
  • BA Chinese Civilisation and Anthropology
  • BA Chinese Civilisation and English
  • BA Chinese Civilisation and History
  • BA Chinese Civilisation and Medieval Studies
  • BA Chinese Civilisation and Philosophy
  • BA Chinese Civilisation and Religious Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies and English
  • BA Chinese Studies and Heritage Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies and History
  • BA Chinese Studies and Medieval Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies and Religious Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies with Education Studies
  • BA Chinese Studies with Heritage Management
  • BA Philosophy and Chinese Studies
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Chinese
  • Chinese Studies and History

Building on a solid linguistic foundation in modern and classical Chinese, the Lampeter course focuses on the study of China’s history, philosophy, religions, film and literature, exploring how China has historically evolved to become the country it is today. Our modules examine China’s transformations both from a China-centred perspective as well as from the point of view of its manifold interactions with other countries and civilisations.

We are one of the very few Chinese Studies programmes in the UK with a focus on China’s classical culture. You will gain access to the richness of this culture by studying its vast textual, archaeological and artistic heritage.

Course Overview

The BA Chinese Studies aims to develop fluency in Mandarin and familiarise students with Chinese history and culture in its various manifestations across the entire span of China’s pre-modern and modern history. Individual modules examine China’s history, media, politics, philosophy and religions in both past and present.

Single Honours students will spend one year in China, at Beijing Union University or one of our other Chinese partner institutions. This option is also open to Joint Honours students. All students have a further chance to apply for short-term language courses in China and scholarships administered by the Centre for Chinese Studies and the Confucius Institute.

We welcome applications from applicants both with and without prior knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin).

Applicants who have obtained formal qualifications in Mandarin such as HSK, GSCE or A-Level will be allowed to take language modules at the appropriate level. We will conduct an entry test to determine a student’s actual proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing at point of entry into the programme.

The course can be studied in combination with another subject (Joint Honours). For possible combinations see  “Related Courses”.



Language Modules

Thematic Modules

Study/Research Skills

Total Credits


Basic Chinese 1+2 (40 credits)

 60 credits

 20 credits



One-year placement in China


 Intermediate Chinese 1+2 (40 credits)

 60 credits (incl. Classical Chinese)

 20 credits



Advanced Chinese 1+2 (40 credits)

 40 credits

 40 credits Dissertation


Thematic modules (each worth 20 credits; selection):

  • What makes civilisation?
  • Classical Chinese
  • History and Civilisation of Traditional China
  • From Empire to Nation: The Modern History of China
  • Chinese Religion and Culture
  • Chinese Cinema and Politics
  • Yangsheng and Daoist Body Philosophy
  • Chinese Stories of the Supernatural
Entry Criteria

Grades are important; however, our offers are not solely based on academic results. We are interested in creative people that demonstrate a strong commitment to their chosen subject area and therefore we welcome applications from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. To assess student suitability for their chosen course we normally arrange interviews for all applicants at which your skills, achievements and life experience will be considered as well as your qualifications.

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees for entry in the academic year 2017/18 are as follows:

UK/EU: £9,000

International: £14,900

Tuition fees for years of study after your first year are subject to an increase of 3% for International students and at the capped fee rate as set by the UK Government for UK/EU students.

You can find further information on fees and how to pay on our Student Finance pages.

You may be eligible for funding to help support your study. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit the University’s Bursaries and Scholarships page

Key Facts

UCAS Code: 5DN2
Institution Code: T80
Course Length:
4 Years

Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts
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