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Publication of Results

Confirmed results following Boards of Examiners are made available each semester across all faculties to the following schedule:

Semester 1 ALL Students Thursday 23 February 2017
Semester 2 UG Final Year Students Thursday 6 July 2017
Continuing UG/PGT Students Thursday 20 July 2017
Late Summer Assessments ALL Students Friday 22 September 2017
PGT Final Results PGT Final Year Students Thursday 23 November 2017

Results are accessed via Surrey Self-Service. They are published progressively throughout the day and will normally be available for students to view by 3pm on the advertised day of publication.

Students who have successfully achieved their final award will also be issued with a final HEAR transcript.

Students who will need to undertake any reassessment will receive a letter via your University email account detailing all relevant information in relation to any failed modules and re-assessments necessary.


Grade Point Average

In May 2016, the University agreed that we should pilot the use of a GPA for all new level 4 (first year) entrants in 2016-7. See our Grade Point Average page for more information.


Resitting an Examination

Where this is required you will receive a letter detailing what you are required to take, when and any options you may have.

If you fail a unit of assessment within a module, and the module is failed overall, you will normally be allowed one re-assessment of the failed unit, which will take place at the appointed reassessment period (August-September).

If you fail more than 45 credits you are required to suspend your studies and re-take the failed assessments during the next academic year (normally with attendance at lectures, tutorials etc.).

Upon successful completion of the reassessed unit, the mark awarded for the unit shall be the University pass mark (40% for UG (FHEQ level 4,5,6), 50% for PGT (FHEQ level 7)). If you fail your reassessment, you will be awarded the higher mark of the two attempts.

Examinations for reassessments are timetabled in the same way as normal examinations.

Who to contact about your results letter

If you would like to speak to someone for further clarification of your results, please contact you Faculty Assessments Administrator at:


Sitting a Deferred Examination

Where you have approved extenuating circumstances, it will usually be assessed in the same way as the attempt that was deferred, whether that was a first attempt or reassessment.


Feedback on Examination Conduct

Students who are unhappy with the conduct of the examination should report their concerns to the Chief Invigilators at the time and to the relevant Faculty Student Services Manager immediately after the examination.


Complaints and Appeals (OSCAR)

For further information about the Office of Students Complaints, Appeals & Regulation (OSCAR) visit
The Students’ Union ( is available to offer advice and support to students wishing to initiate procedures under the University’s internal procedures.