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Online Registration Guidance

Online Registration opens in August for returning students to complete. Registration closes at the end of the second week of semester one.

Students who are expecting Student Loan payments will not receive these until their University registration is complete.

Students who have visas may be reported to the Home Office if Registration is not completed by the deadline.

The following is information about each step in online registration for new and returning students. You may not be asked all of the questions below – for example, if you are a returning student, you will not be asked as much as new students as we collected this information when you initially registered.

For guidance about uploading a photo, click here.

The option to register is under ‘Registration‘ – you will need to ensure you complete each step of the process by clicking on the Start buttons. Once you have completed a step, the button will show as Amend. You’ll need to ensure each button says Amend before you can complete registration.

Please do not use the back button on your browser within registration – ensure you use any navigation buttons on the page.

Personal Details

Most information on the Personal Details page cannot be amended – you can click the Contact Student Services button at the bottom of the page to find out how we can change this for you. It may require a visit to the Student Services Centre to show evidence (e.g. a passport).

Please see the University Naming Policy below for more information regarding when these details can be amended.

You may edit your “Preferred” name here.
Naming Policy (181.9KB – Requires Adobe Reader)

Address Details

Address details can be amended by clicking Amend Home Address or Amend Semester Time Address. There is the option to Copy Home Address if you don’t have a different term time address. Campus accommodation will be updated automatically by the Accommodation Office once you have moved in.

Please ensure you let us know your mobile/cell phone number. If there is ever an emergency on campus (for example closure for snow days), this is how we will contact you. We will only use this number in accordance with our Data Protection policy.

Other Personal Details

If you wish to Contact Additional Learning Support, the button on this page will send an email to them.

Emergency Contact Details

Please provide information for someone we can contact in the case of an emergency.

Programme Information Details

The information on this page cannot be amended. If you spot an error, please use the Contact Student Records button and we’ll look into it for you.

You may see a list of modules on this page, depending on which programme you are studying. If you don’t, you can either use the ‘my Modules‘ option on the menu on the left, or refer to your faculty. Some programmes don’t have a prescribed set of modules, but if you’re in any doubt, please contact your faculty.

Additional Details

New students and returning students will be asked different questions on this page. There is help text on the screen to help on each question

Qualification Details

This page refers to the qualification that you obtained before you started your studies in Surrey. For Undergraduate students, this may be A-Levels. For Postgraduate students, this may be a Bachelors degree.

We may take this information from your either your application (new students) or previous response (current students) to pre-populate your answer. If the information is incorrect, please click the Amend button. You will then be asked for the country that your qualification was studied in, followed by the type of qualification.

Fee Details

The details on this page are for your information so cannot be amended. It shows your fee status at the University – whether you will be charged UK/EU fees, or Overseas fees. If you have a query over this, please use the contact button on the page. You should ensure that your fee status is correct before you register as this cannot normally be changed once you have started your degree.

If you are an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught student, we may ask you if you have applied for a student loan. Please read the information provided carefully.

Council Tax Details

Some students may be exempt from paying council tax, and we can let Guildford Borough Council know your details if you would like us to. Read the information on this page carefully, ticking the box if you would prefer for us to not share your data with them. There are some exclusions to this policy detailed on the page.

Passport and Visa Details (International students only)

This page will show all visa and passport information we hold for you. You cannot amend this page as it is for information only. If you notice an error or need to update the details, please use the Contact Visa Compliance team button.

For new students, you may find that your visa details aren’t listed on this page. If this is the case, you do not need to contact us as we will note your visa information when you complete registration in person (either during Welcome Week or at the Student Services Centre at other times).

We are required to hold up to date visa information for our International students, but please let the Visa Compliance team know if you have any worries.


Photo Upload (Selected new students only)

For selected new students only –  we do not ask for photo from students starting later than September, students studying by distance learning, or at one of our off-campus locations.  If you are campus based and are not asked for a photo during Online Registration, you can visit the Library when you start your programme.

For all other students, to skip the campus card queues at the Registration event in September, please upload a photo and we will have your card ready for you.

Please read the information on this page carefully about what kind of photo we need. We will review your photograph when you upload it to ensure it’s suitable for the campus card. If not, we will let you know via email. You will be able to upload a new photo if yours is not useable, but you will need to choose a new photo that is more suitable.

Please make sure your photo is:

  • A high quality JPG – 2MB maximum file size. The file extension must be .jpg and not .jpeg.
  • Not too close or far away, too light or dark.  Colour photos are preferable. Black and white photos are acceptable if they are of very good quality
  • A good clear likeness of you
  • Only of you – please make sure no one else is in the photo, which includes where you have cropped someone out
  • Facing the right way up – you are able to rotate the photo in the upload tool in registration.
  • No selfies please!  Treat this as an official form of ID and not a profile picture.  This includes Snapchat filters!
  • We recommend taking the photo inside, with you stood in front of a plain background – the type you would provide for a passport.

The deadline for photo upload is Friday 15th September 2017 – any images uploaded after this date will not be accepted, and you will need to visit the Library to have your photo taken during Welcome Week. You may also not see this option after the deadline.

If you do not upload a suitable photo you will then need to visit the Library to have your photo taken during Welcome Week.

If you’re unable to upload a photograph or are experiencing any errors, please email

Terms and Conditions

This is the final step of the online registration process and will only appear if you have completed all the previous sections (when all the buttons show as Amend). If you believe you have completed the whole process but the Terms and Conditions Start button isn’t showing, please email

The Terms and Conditions step has important information about your course, and contains links to other information about the University of Surrey and our regulations. Please read this information carefully.

In agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you have now completed online registration. If you are a returning student there is nothing further for you to do. You will receive an email from us confirming you have registered which you should keep for your reference.

If you are a new student, we do need to see you in person in order to complete your registration – either at the Registration event in Welcome Week or at the Student Services Centre in other times. You should receive further information which will let you know where to go.