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Welcome to the University of Surrey Karate Club!
All skill levels are welcome including complete beginners. The style of karate taught in our classes is Shotokan, but people from any style are welcome to join. 
Whether you want to train up to enter competitions or just get fitter- we have a training session to suit everybody. Our classes are run by professional Black Belt instructors Sensei Warren Calvert (3rd Dan) and Sensei Fil Artusa (5th Dan) from the Woking Karate Club. For those who want we have optional grading exams twice a year. 
What is Karate, and why practice it?
Karate is a martial art form that originated in Japan. It teaches using strikes, blocks and other techniques as a method of self defence. Originally families would pass on their Karate knowledge and secrets by creating sequences of moves called Kata. Throughout the 19th Century Karate became more popular across Japan, and eventually became a martial art practiced in nearly every country around the world. 
In recent times this art has evolved a more sporting side to it. There are many competitions and tournaments held where people can compete in kata or kumite (one to one combat). Our club aims to have a good balance between training to compete in competitions and training to learn the traditional aspects of karate. 
Karate, as with any other martial art, is a great way to improve physical fitness and to learn how to defend yourself. It is a very disciplined sport which can help to focus and calm down a hectic lifestyle. Karate is also an excellent form of stress relief.
There are many different styles of karate, all with subtle variations in what they teach. Shotokan is the form of karate taught at Surrey Uni Karate club, but don’t be afraid to join if you come from a different style! We have members of many other styles including Wado-Ryu, Goju-Ryu and Shito-Ryu.
Nervous about joining? Not sure if karate is for you?
We understand that trying something new can be daunting, especially if you are doing it by yourself. But our club is full of friendly, like minded people who are always willing to help out new members. If any new members want we have a buddy system, where new members can meet and get to know a more experienced member of the club. To find out more about our buddy system, contact us by email or on our facebook page.
Looking for more of a challenge?
No matter what level of karate you are, there are always new challenges. People interested have the chance to take part in BUCS Nationals- The British Universities and Colleges Sport Karate Championships. You can compete in kumite, kata, or both. We ask that anybody who wants to be on the BUCS team comes to both the BUCS class and the skills class regularly so that you can get the training needed to take part.

Kids Classes

Our emphasis at the kids clubs is on teaching them traditional karate in a fun and safe environment, under the supervision of our qualified instructors. We want to ensure that they have fun and enjoy the many benefits karate offers.

Our structured grading syllabus is designed specifically to ensure they are continually striving towards new goals. The minimum age for the children is 6 years old.

kids-classes About Our Club
ladies-karate About Our Club

Ladies karate

Over 40% of our students are female, so our karate classes are an activity that women of all ages can enjoy safely. Studying a martial art can help them understand how to protect themselves and is very practical for women and girls of all ages for self-defence.

What’s more, an average session can burn as many calories as a keep fit workout or circuit’s class and is also great for reducing stress and tension, when hitting the bags or pads!

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Pay as you go spaces also available, normal class lessons will be £6 kids & £7 adults.
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