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Psychology at Stirling is committed to internationally recognised and excellent scientific research, coupled with innovative and reflective research-led teaching and learning.

We aim to grow basic research in the science of mind and behaviour, linked to applied research with direct impacts for society. This linkage provides us with a unique identity and allows our students at all levels to experience the joint challenges of doing basic research and the rigorous application of this research.

Standing at the interface between the biological and social sciences and the humanities, psychology has common ground with subjects like neuropsychology, zoology, computing, sociology and philosophy.

In Stirling, a balance is maintained between these different aspects of the subject. Specialisation occurs at the postgraduate level: the undergraduate programmes aim to provide a sound foundation for further study, or for development of a career as a professional psychologist, in education, social or health services, or in industry.

Psychology  at Stirling is renowned for the quality of its research, and many of the staff are known worldwide. Many of the courses involve staff teaching about their own research, and Single Honours students are encouraged to pursue research in their final year within an area of their own choosing, in an experimental or theoretical project under staff supervision

For information about the 2017 Stirling Conference on Psychology (SCOP), please visit our SCOP Webpage.

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