University of Stirling How To Get There

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University of Stirling How To Get There

How to get to the EWNS2 Workshop at the Cottrell Building, University of Stirling.

Stirling is located right in the centre of Scotland, as can be seen from this map.

By Air

Stirling is roughly equidistant from both Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports. The best way to get to the University from either is to get to the appropriate railway station, then take a train to Stirling.

From Glasgow Airport this is best accomplished by

  • Either take a taxi to Glasgow Queen Street station (about UK pounds 12), or take an “airport express” bus (every 30 minutes), taking about 20-40 minutes into town, and ask to be let off near Queen Street station,
  • Take a train to Stirling from Glasgow Queen Street station. These are approximately hourly, and take between 35 and 50 minutes (depending on how often they stop).

From Edinburgh Airport

  • Take the airport express bus to Edinburgh Haymarket station. This costs about UK pounds 3, and takes 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Take a train to Stirling. These are about every half hour, and take about 1 hour, costing about UK pounds 5.

By train

If you are travelling from elsewhere in the UK, the easiest way to get to Stirling is by train. There are direct trains from London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Or you can change at Edinburgh or Glasgow to get there from the South.

Getting to the University from the station

A taxi from the station is easiest, and costs about UK pounds 4. Taxis are available at the station itself. Alternatively, walk up the street immediately facing you as you leave the station, cross the road, turn left, and take a bus to the University. These busses are frequent (every 10 mins or so) and cost about UK pounds 0.90. The bus goes right into the University: you should leave at Queens Court (at the roundabout at the top of the hill).

By Car

Stirling is well served by the Motorway from the south, or by the A9 from the North. Leave the Motorway at its junction with the A9 near Dunblane, and take the road to Bridge of Allan. Drive through Bridge of Allan: the University is just at the end of Bridge of Allan on the left.

…And where do I go to on campus?

There is a map of the University showing the main buildings. The meeting is in the Cottrell Building: this is one of the main teaching buildings, located up the hill. The registration desk will be signposted from the main entrance of this building. The lectures will take place in the Lecture Theatre B3 (sometimes contracted to LTB3) Accommodation is in Geddes Court (also on the map.)