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The Faculty of Social Sciences is an integrated multi-disciplinary grouping of around 70 academic staff with research and teaching interests in DementiaEducationHousing StudiesSociology, Social Policy & Criminology and Social Work. We provide high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education in all these areas.  We have a sustained successful research record and in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, 80% of our research was assessed as internationally excellent or world leading, with the top 23% of our work judged as world leading across two units of assessment, Education and Social Work and Social Policy.

Our Research

The social scientific research undertaken in the Faculty is grouped under six main headings: Crime and Justice; Child Welfare and Protection; Curriculum and Pedagogy; Dementia and Social Gerontology; ◦Professional Education and Leadership; Public Services and Governance; Social Surveys and Social Statistics.  Full details of the research work undertaken by these groups can be found here. Within these broad groupings the Faculty has an international reputation for its research work on social gerontology, social responses to dementia, children and young people, child welfare and protection, families and relationships, problem solving justice, women in prisons, qualitative research with a variety of service users, teacher agency and the school curriculum, professional education, inclusionary policy and governance, housing studies, minorities experiences of social services and exclusion, social and ethnic identity and quantitative longitudinal analysis of large scale social survey data sets. This work is both theoretical and applied, and is pursued through multi-disciplinary, collaborative, participatory and comparative working, including co-production with organisations and individuals.

The Faculty also has an international reputation in relation to dementia research and teaching, work which is undertaken by the Dementia Services Development Centre in the internationally recognised Iris Murdoch Building. The Faculty also hosts a partnership with the Salvation Army focused on research, education and knowledge exchange in Addiction Services; and provides Scotland wide support for professionals involved in Adult Protection.

Our Learning and Teaching

In addition to providing Honours degrees in Sociology and Social Policy and Criminology, the Faculty offers programmes leading to a range of combined Honours Degrees, an undergraduate degree in Social Work and a concurrent programme of Honours with teaching qualification in a wide range of subjects.  The Faculty also offers postgraduate programmes in Applied Social Research, Housing Studies, Dementia Studies, Criminology, Professional Education, Educational Enquiry, Teaching in Further Education, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Social Work, including Chid and Adult Protection, Leadership in Social Work and Education, and Social Enterprise. There are also MSc and PhD degrees by research and through a professional doctorate programme, including Applied Social Research, EdD and PhD in TESOL. The Masters Degrees in Applied Social Research and education Enquiry meet ESRC research training requirements. The Faculty is a partner in the ESRC-funded Scottish Doctoral Training Centre and recognised to receive studentships in Education, Social Work, Socio-Legal Studies, Social Policy and Sociology, and several multidisciplinary areas