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Our lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Didn’t get a place on your chosen course? Don’t worry. Every year, the University of Stirling helps talented students just like you find a place on one of our world-class undergraduate courses through Clearing.

The Clearing process gives you a second chance to secure a spot on your preferred course – but it also gives you the opportunity to explore subjects you may prefer.

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When you get your exam results, you may not meet the conditions of your Firm or Insurance course offers. Clearing gives you the chance to explore new options.

Clearing list 2017: courses available The UCAS code for the University of Stirling is S75
Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and International students
We’re able to offer a limited number of Clearing places on courses starting in September 2017 to international students and those from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you’re coming to us from Scotland or the EU, see a list of Clearing courses with places available to Scottish and EU students.

For more information, simply click on the name of the course you’re interested in. If you want to apply for any of these courses, phone our Clearing and Exam helpline as soon as possible so that we can guide you through the process:

 +44 (0)1786 466 166

Our lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

UCAS Code Degree Name
N400 Accountancy
MN24 Accountancy and Business Law
NNF4 Accountancy and Business Studies
LN14 Accountancy and Economics
NN45 Accountancy and Marketing
GN14 Accountancy and Mathematics
NR44 Accountancy and Spanish
NC46 Accountancy and Sports Studies
NN43 Accountancy and Finance
C300 Animal Biology
8C93 Applied Biological Sciences
T5G6 Applied Computing
G120 Applied Mathematics
C164 Aquaculture
C100 Biology
CG11 Biology and Mathematics
CC18 Biology and Psychology
G510 Business Computing
M221 Business Law
N100 Business Studies
LN11 Business Studies and Economics
NQ13 Business Studies and English Studies
NP13 Business Studies and Film & Media
NN13 Business Studies and Finance
NRF1 Business Studies and French
NN16 Business Studies and HRM
MN11 Business Studies and Law
NN25 Business Studies and Marketing
LN21 Business Studies and Politics
CN81 Business Studies and Psychology
NRF4 Business Studies and Spanish
NC16 Business Studies and Sports Studies
C130 Cell Biology
G400 Computing Science
GR41 Computing Science and French
G4G1 Computing Science and Mathematics
GV45 Computing Science and Philosophy
GR44 Computing Science and Spanish
CD14 Conservation Biology and Management
MM91 Criminology and Law
MV95 Criminology and Philosophy
ML92 Criminology and Politics
LM39 Criminology and Sociology
LL64 Criminology and Social Policy
C180 Ecology
L100 Economics
FL91 Economics and Environmental Science
LN13 Economics and Finance
NL51 Economics and Marketing
GL11 Economics and Mathematics
LL12 Economics and Politics
Q300 English Studies
QP33 English Studies and Film & Media
QR31 English Studies and French
QV31 English Studies and History
QP35 English Studies and Journalism Studies
QV35 English Studies and Philosophy
QL32 English Studies and Politics
QC38 English Studies and Psychology
QV36 English Studies and Religious Studies
QR34 English Studies and Spanish
FL97 Environmental Geography
Y21C Environmental Geography and Outdoor Education
F900 Environmental Science
F7S4 Environmental Science (Integrated Masters)
F9G1 Environmental Science and Mathematics
FX99 Environmental Science and Outdoor Education
FL92 Environmental Science and Politics
P3R1 European Film and Media
P300 Film and Media Studies
RP13 Film & Media and French
PV31 Film & Media and History
PP35 Film & Media and Journalism Studies
P3M1 Film & Media and Law
PN35 Film & Media and Marketing
VP53 Film & Media and Philosophy
PL32 Film & Media and Politics
CP83 Film & Media and Psychology
VP63 Film & Media and Religious Studies
LP33 Film & Media and Sociology
RP43 Film & Media and Spanish
CP63 Film & Media and Sports Studies
N300 Finance
GN13 Finance and Mathematics
R120 French
RV11 French and History
NRP1 French and HRM
RP15 French and Journalism Studies
RM11 French and Law
N5R1 French and Marketing
GR11 French and Mathematics
RV15 French and Philosophy
LR21 French and Politics
RV16 French and Religious Studies
RR14 French and Spanish
P390 Global Cinema
V100 History
VP15 History and Journalism Studies
MV11 History and Law
VV15 History and Philosophy
LV21 History and Politics
VV16 History and Religious Studies
LV31 History and Sociology
RV41 History and Spanish
VC16 History and Sports Studies
NN65 HRM and Marketing
NC68 HRM and Psychology
NR64 HRM and Spanish
MN16 HRM and Law
N600 Human Resource Management
NLR0 Int. Management Studies and Intercultural Studies
N2R9 Int. Management Studies with European Lang. and Society
L240 International Politics
RL92 International Politics and Languages
P500 Journalism Studies
P5M1 Journalism Studies and Law
PL52 Journalism Studies and Politics
PR54 Journalism Studies and Spanish
PC56 Journalism Studies and Sports Studies
M115 Law Accelerated Entry (graduates only)
M110 Law (BA Hons)
M114 Law (LLB)
MN15 Law and Marketing
ML12 Law and Politics
MR14 Law and Spanish
QP3H Literature and Cinema
N200 Management
C160 Marine Biology
N500 Marketing
CN85 Marketing and Psychology
LN35 Marketing and Sociology
N5R4 Marketing and Spanish
NC56 Marketing and Sports Studies
G120 Mathematics – Applied Mathematics
CG81 Mathematics and Psychology
NT19 Modern Languages and Business Studies
V500 Philosophy
LV25 Philosophy and Politics
CV85 Philosophy and Psychology
VV56 Philosophy and Religious Studies
L200 Politics
LC28 Politics and Psychology
LL24 Politics and Social Policy
LL23 Politics and Sociology
L0V0 Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE)
F4X3 Primary Education with specialism in Primary Science (in collaboration with Heriot Watt University)
C801 Psychology (BA)
C800 Psychology (BSc)
CR89 Psychology and a European Language
CL83 Psychology and Sociology
CC68 Psychology and Sports Studies
LV36 Religious Studies and Sociology
N550 Retail Marketing
V211 Scottish History
Depends on teaching subject Secondary Education
CX11 Secondary Education and Biology
NX11 Secondary Education and Business Studies
NX21 Secondary Education and Business with Computing Science
F1X3 Secondary Education and Chemistry
(in collaboration with Heriot Watt University)
GX41 Secondary Education and Computing Science
GX91 Secondary Education and Computing Science with Mathematics
F5X3 Secondary Education and Engineering Technologies (in collaboration with Heriot Watt University)
QX31 Secondary Education and English Studies
QXHC Secondary Education and English with History
QXJ1 Secondary Education and English with Religious Studies
FX81 Secondary Education and Environmental Geography
RX11 Secondary Education and French
RXD1 Secondary Education and French with Spanish
VX11 Secondary Education and History
LX21 Secondary Education and History with Politics
VXD1 Secondary Education and History with Sociology
GX11 Secondary Education and Mathematics
VX53 Secondary Education and Philosophy with Religious Studies
F3X3 Secondary Education and Physics
(in collaboration with Heriot Watt University)
VX61 Secondary Education and Religious Studies
VXC1 Secondary Education and Religious Studies with History
L431 Sociology and Social Policy
LR34 Sociology and Spanish
CL63 Sociology and Sports Studies
G600 Software Engineering
R410 Spanish and Latin American Studies
CC61 Sport and Exercise Science
N8U6 Sport Business Management
C600 Sports Studies
N8U7 Sustainable Events Management