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Welcome to the Art Collection
We believe that a creative environment stimulates creative thinking and can inspire a whole community.

We work to make knowledge visible. Our focus is to make art and culture a part of everyday life for staff, students and visitors, enabling exchanges between art, research and teaching. We do this through an active programme of events that improves access to art and inspires people to engage with it. People tell us it enriches their lives. The tours, workshops, exhibitions and lectures attract visitors to the campus and deepen our links with the wider community. The Art Collection welcomes everyone into a creative environment, where creative thinking and creative acts are at the heart of our identity as a place of learning.

The majority of works are in the Pathfoot Building with sculpture on display all around the campus.
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Museums Galleries Scotland accreditation logo The Art Collection and the Pathfoot Galleries
are fully accredited by Museums Galleries Scotland

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