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Founded in 1971, the Institute of Aquaculture is the leading international centre in its field, and the largest of its kind in the world. We proudly bring together world-class researchers from a variety of disciplines in order to meet the wide range of challenges the world faces as aquaculture grows to meet global demand.

Our research focuses on critical questions, such as how to develop strategies for sustainable aquaculture and aquatic food security, how to inform modern commercial markets and how to support communities in developing countries so they have enough to eat.

Fundamental research on reproduction, genetics, aquatic animal health and welfare, nutrition, production systems, environments, markets, and social and economic impacts all play a significant role in what we do.

The Institute has grown steadily since its formation to reach a strong global position. We now boast a community of almost 180 highly skilled staff and students.

We have built up a first-class, international reputation in research, teaching, training and consultancy, and have an annual operating budget of approximately £10 million.

We attract funding for our work from a wide range of sponsors, including the Scottish Funding Council, UK Research Councils, UK Government departments, the European Union, national and international research organisations, foundations and trusts, and industry.

We have collaborative research and training partnerships and links with many other leading academic institutions, and industry partners throughout Europe and overseas.

We strongly believe in the future of Aquaculture to help create a world without hunger – a world where those involved in aquaculture prosper.

Professor Herve Miguad
Acting Director

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