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University of Stirling Alumni

Everyone who studies at Stirling for one semester or more is automatically a member of the Stirling alumni association.

This network provides a forum for Stirling alumni to maintain and reconnect their links with the University and with each other. Alumni receive our annual publication Stirling Minds as well as regular e-newsletters. The Alumni Office organises a number of official events and reunions throughout the year.

This year is our 50th anniversary and there are many events on campus and worldwide to which you are all invited. We have a dedicated microsite where all events are published as well as alumni memories and achievements. Come and celebrate with us!

Keep in touch with your alma mater!

Thank you,
Directorate for Advancement

As soon as you graduate, you automatically become a lifetime member of the University. To acknowledge this, the University provides a number of benefits and services to all alumni. All our graduates receive our regular e-newsletters and annual magazine Stirling Minds if you have kept us up to date with your contact details. If you have not received these, please complete our online form to update your details.