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MUSE (My University of Sheffield Environment) is the web based portal service allowing you to access secure electronic web-based services provided by the University and the department all in one place. You can customise it to show your favourite resources on your homepage, which makes working more convenient for you. At a glance, the main advantages for BMS students are you can:

  • view your year level ‘Notice Board’ using the Communities facility
  • download files such as timetables and other information relevant to your year
  • access restricted library and electronic resources from home
  • manage your Novell network account using NetStorage
  • check your student record, library account details, printing information and more
  • send and receive emails using Webmail through your internet browser


Learn the basics of the MUSE, the resources at your disposal and personalise it your way. Familiarise yourself with these important features in MUSE and check regularly:

CiCS web pages also provide an in-depth guide and support on all the essentials of MUSE. The most common features include:

Secure Access to University Services

By logging in to the University of Sheffield Log In interface you gain secure access to many online services at the University. In this way you can access multiple services without the need to log in to each one individually.

In some cases, it is technically possible to bypass the Log In screen and log directly into each service individually. Some people prefer to operate this way having web browser bookmarks for each online service.

The downside of this approach is that you may get into the habit of typing your University username and password into a multitude of different log in screens. This makes it easier for online fraudsters to construct a fake log in screen in order to trick you into entering your username and password which they can then record.

If you are in the practise of only typing your username and password into the formal University of Sheffield Log In screen you make it much more difficult for criminals to acquire your account details to access your information and our systems.

University managers may wish to convey to their staff the importance of only using the official University log in screen to access services.