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The University of Roehampton’s LibGuide for Roehampton Online. This guide provides information support for Roehampton Online students and staff

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Why Reference?

Throughout your studies you will be expected to use many different types of information to enhance your own knowledge and understanding of the subject you are studying.

When you write a piece of work and use an idea or information from another source, e.g. a book, journal article, an image or sound recording, etc. you must acknowledge where you got the information from. This is called referencing. Failing to acknowledge all the sources of information used in your work is known as plagiarism, so it is important that you check your work to ensure you have referenced your work correctly.

Referencing is not just about avoiding plagiarism though. When used correctly, referencing can help you achieve better marks because:

  • Using references adds weight to your discussion and arguments
  • It demonstrates that you understand the key issues in your subject and also your ability to evaluate and critically apply this understanding to your work.
  • It enables others to find your references easily.
  • It is evidence that you have been reading around your subjects.

Referencing Style Guides

The main referencing styles used at UR are listed below. Please note: there is no standard style of Harvard referencing, every university/institution has their own version. In addition, online reference generators such as Mendeley, Zotero, etc. will also contain a different version of Harvard, so please be aware.

If you are unsure which referencing style to use please check with your tutors.

For APA we strongly recommend you work through the APA’s online tutorial:

The Basics of APA Style.

Additionally, check APA Quick Answers, or APA FA​Q​.

The APA Style Blog is also really useful.

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