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X5 Research costing and pricing system

X5 is the costing, pricing and approval tool used by departments, Research Services, and Research Accounts to support the costing of externally funded research at the University of Oxford. Under the university’s financial regulations all applications to outside bodies must be prepared in accordance with University’s Policy on the Costing and Pricing of research.

An X5 costing should be created for each outline or full application and submitted into workflow prior to approval and submission of the application by Research Services.

Apprenticeship Levy

The only funders who have confirmed that they will not pay the levy are: Leverhulme Trust, BHF and CRUK. For all other funders the levy should be calculated. X5 calculates the levy (additional 5% on basic salary costs) by calculating a higher NI amount (through an NI rates file). Please select the file applicable to your costing:

  • The NI rates file dated 6/4/2017 should be used for Leverhulme Trust, BHF and CRUK.
  • The NI rates file dated 7/4/2017 should be used for all other funders.