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University of Oxford VAT Number

The University’s VAT registration number is:
GB 125 5067 30

The Tax Team website is designed to provide you with further information on common aspects of VAT and taxation within the University as well as providing the forms and certificates that are often required.

VAT is the area of taxation that affects most University financial transactions on a daily basis. It is complicated for the University as it is subject to various different exemptions, reliefs, and other VAT regimes. The University does NOT, however, have a special overall ‘exemption’ from VAT.

The University is a charity, a status which provides shelter from certain direct taxes when considering its primary purpose activities, but this does NOT exempt the University from paying tax altogether.

The Tax Team is responsible for ensuring compliance with tax law and effectively managing risks and opportunities in this area for the University. It acts as the key liaison with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

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