University of Oxford Ranking In The World

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University of Oxford Ranking In The World

Rank 2016-17 Rank 2015-16 Institution
1 2 University of Oxford
4 4 University of Cambridge
8 8 Imperial College London
15 14 University College London
=25 23 London School of Economics
27 24 University of Edinburgh
=36 27 King’s College London
55 =56 University of Manchester
71 69 University of Bristol
=82 80 University of Warwick

The University of Oxford has been named the top institution in the world, a first for the UK in this year’s Times Higher Education(THE) World University Rankings.

In the latest table – the first of which was published in 2004 – the British university has knocked five-time champion the California Institute of Technology into second place, as the UK takes 91 of the top 980 places. Eighty-eight of these make the top 800, compared with 78 last year.

The UK is second only to the US for the number of world-class universities featured in the top 800. Within the top 200, the UK has 32 representatives, just two shy of last year’s sum. Alongside Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London have also made the top 10.

Despite Oxford taking the top spot, however, the university’s vice-chancellor, Louise Richardson, hit out at lack of funding, tighter government regulations and Brexit as being potential threats to the future of the institution.