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Welcome to the University of Oxford Physics

We aspire to be one of the best physics departments in the world by conducting cutting-edge research and by teaching and developing the careers of the next generation of physicists.

We work on major facilities worldwide, develop the most advanced experimental techniques and the most sophisticated theoretical methods to investigate nature at every scale

  • from the unimaginably large, probing the earliest epochs of the universe
  • to the everyday scale of the earth’s climate
  • to the unimaginably small, hunting for the Higgs boson at the LHC

and at every temperature

  • from the plasmas created using powerful lasers
  • to the search for room temperature superconductors
  • to quantum phenomena only observable close to absolute zero.

We pursue fundamental science and in doing so make discoveries that enable us to contribute directly to tackling the challenging problems facing society

  • our expertise in climate science is at the disposal of policy makers and members of the department sit on national and international advisory panels
  • our search for cheap and efficient photovoltaic cells has led to the creation of Oxford Photovoltaics to exploit new technology developed here
  • our work on novel technologies for particle accelerators will lead to better manufacturing and medical therapy systems.

Each year about 195 young people join our challenging undergraduate courses. They receive a rigorous education in modern physics from academic staff who are not only world leaders in research but dedicated and talented teachers of the next generation.

Each year about 100 people with outstanding undergraduate records join our research groups from all over the world to work for a doctorate with leading physicists and make the next step towards becoming a professional physicist themselves.

You can participate in our research through programs such as Galaxy Zoo and