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Welcome to the Department of Oncology

Head of Department: Professor Mark Middleton

The Department of Oncology aims to enhance clinical and basic cancer research in Oxford by maximising opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration and scientific interaction with the ultimate goal of increasing cancer cure rates.

The creation of the Department of Oncology in 2010 marked an exciting step towards truly multidisciplinary and collaborative oncology research in Oxford. It positions researchers in the field to take this discipline to new heights. It was born out of a collective desire amongst senior leaders in Oxford and major funders to create a structure for cancer research in Oxford that would maximise opportunities for future improvements in the treatment and detection of cancer.

The Department now houses over 400 staff and postgraduate students – both clinical and non-clinical – and is one of the largest departments in the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division. It is home to the Cancer Research UK and Medical Research Council Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology.

It brings together research and clinical groups from across Oxford who are based in the Old Road Campus Research Building, the Radiobiology Research Institute, the Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine and the NHS Cancer and Haematology Centre.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Oncology. Before contacting us, please note that we are a scientific research department.

We are able to:
answer questions about scientific research into cancer, in areas that are covered by our research groups. Please contact us with any queries that are specific to the Department.

We are not able to:
answer questions about cancer care or cancer treatment, and strongly recommend that you contact Cancer Research UK for help with these questions.

Cancer Research UK also maintains the patient resource CancerHelp UK and a comprehensive list of national and international cancer organisations who you may want to contact for more information.

If you have a question about Cancer Research UK clinical trials, please first check their clinical trials database for details of clinical trials that are currently ongoing in the UK.

If we are unable to answer your question, we will do our best to forward it to someone who can. We endeavour to answer all queries within five working days.

General Contact Details

Department of Oncology
University of Oxford
Old Road Campus Research Building
Roosevelt Drive

Tel: +44 (0)1865 617331

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