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The North American Office works closely with the University’s primary 501 (c)(3) charity in the United States: Americans for Oxford, Inc.

We proudly represent the University of Oxford in North America. Tune in here for ways to connect, event listings, Oxford news, and much more.
Company Overview
The North American Office was established in New York as part of the Campaign for Oxford, the first successful capital campaign conducted by a British university. Through its ongoing programs in fundraising, special events, and alumni relations, the North American Office continues to aid the University and its Colleges to fulfill their historic mission of providing excellence in research, scholarship, and teaching to the global community.

North American Alumni Honored

The Distinguished Friend of Oxford (DFO) Award was established in 1997 as a means of formally recognizing individuals who have acted as exceptional volunteers for the benefit of the wider University. Recipients of the 2017 Awards, including North America-based alumni Mr. Gus Carey (Keble, 1981) and Mrs. Jenny Rose Carey (Lady Margaret Hall, 1981), were honored at a ceremony at Keble College on 18 May.

The Careys have championed the University for more than thirty years by reinvigorating alumni groups, arranging meetings with potential benefactors, and hosting gatherings featuring senior Oxford academics. Mr. Carey helped to re-establish alumni groups in New York and Philadelphia and has entertained major supporters on behalf of the University. Mrs. Carey has held numerous alumni gatherings at their home and gardens, and has been a member of the LMH Advisory Council for many years. Since the mid-1980s, the Careys have formed meaningful and productive relationships with the Ashmolean Museum, Botanical Gardens, Museum of Natural History, Bodleian Libraries, and the Saϊd Business School. They have also been tireless supporters of the work of the North American Office, and are loyal and helpful to Keble and Lady Margaret Hall. The Careys are generous donors, leading volunteers, and highly-valued friends of the University.

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