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Oxford University does not offer an undergraduate degree in this subject. However, many degree courses at Oxford could be an excellent preparation for a career in journalism. For more information about careers, see

There are also extensive opportunities for extra-curricular work in this area: see Living in Oxford.

Students interested in Journalism might also like to consider English Language and Literature. The Faculty website gives further information on the structure of the course.

Public Affairs Office

Director of Public Affairs and Communications 
Ceri Thomas
Tel: 01865 280529, email:

Head of Communications
Jonathan Ray
Tel: 01865 270002, email:

Directorate Coordinator and Executive Assistant
Bobbie O’Neill
Tel: 01865 280529, email:

Internal Communications Manager
Annette Cunningham
Tel: 01865 280720, email:

Head of Government and Community Relations
Margaret Ounsley
Tel: 01865 280673, email:

Senior Communications Planning Manager
Vicky Pearson
Tel: 01865 280672, email:

Administrative Assistant
Becky Hedges
Tel: 01865 280733, email:

Communications Officer
Shaunna-Marie Latchman
Tel: 01865 280657, email:

General contact:

News & Information Office

General contact:

Head of News & Information Office
Stephen Rouse
Tel: 01865 280533, email:

Head of Information and Deputy Head of News & Information Office
Clare Woodcock
Tel: 01865 280730, email:

Media Relations Manager
Stuart Gillespie
Tel: 01865 283877, email:

Media Relations Manager
Chris McIntyre
Tel: 01865 270046, email: 

Media Relations Manager
Matt Pickles
tel: 01865 280532, email:

Media Relations Manager
Lanisha Butterfield
tel: 01865 280531, email:

Assistant News & Information Officer
Clemency Pleming
Tel: 01865 270164, email:

News Office Assistant
Nicola Sweetnam
Tel: 01865 280528, email:

Design & Publications Office

General contact:

Head of Design & Publications

Acting Head of Design & Publications
Head of Design Studio and Deputy Head of Design & Publications

Paul Chinn
Tel: 01865 280541, email:

Publications Officer and Studio Manager
Jo Kay
Tel: 01865 280543, email:

Senior Graphic Designer
Laetitia Velia
Tel: 01865 280542, email:

Senior Graphic Designer
Katy Dawkins
Tel: 01865 280542, email:

Graphic Designer
Pippa Jupe
Tel: 01865 280057, email:

Administrator, Design and Publications Office
Karen Gillham
Tel: 01865 280545, email:


Gazette Editor
Dawn Dooher
Tel: 01865 280549, email:

Gazette Deputy Editor
Rosalind Cuomo
Tel: 01865 280548, email:

Oxford Today

Richard Lofthouse
Contact via Karen Gillham
Tel: 01865 280545, email:

Digital Communications Office

General contact:

Head of Campaigns and Digital Communications
Suzi Ardley
Tel: 01865 280474, email:

Web Officer
Stephen Sangar
Tel: 01865 280550, email:

Web Officer
Christopher Eddie
Tel: 01865 280546, email:

Assistant Web Officer
Richard Watts
Tel: 01865 270280, email:

Content and Social Media Officer
Susannah Mendus
Tel: 01865 280536, email:

Creative Media Manager
Tom Wilkinson
Tel: 01865 280076, email:

Creative Media Manager (research)
Tom Fuller
Tel: 01865 270775, email:

Events Office

General contact:

Head of Events
Lisa Seddon
Tel: 01865 280662, email:

Events Manager
Joanne Fisher
Tel: 01865 280524, email:

Events Manager
Patrizia Ferrari
Tel: 01865 270568, email:

Events Manager
Susannah Sheffield
Tel: 01865 280525, email:

Events Manager (European Researchers Night)
Jennifer Courtenay-Hall
Tel: 01865 280535, email:

Administrative Assistant 
Becky Crook
Tel: 01865 270154, email: