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University of Oxford Foundation Year

The aim of the Foundation Year is to provide teaching and support that will increase the academic confidence of students, enabling them to progress onto degree courses at top universities. Currently there are under-represented groups of students in Higher Education, typically those whose background generates obstacles to their school achievements. As entry to top universities is largely determined by school attainment, academically able students amongst this population miss out on places.

The LMH Foundation Year is designed to take academically able students from under-represented groups and through a combination of academic and personal support, enable them to fulfill their potential. The students will take core modules which focus on the development of their academic writing, critical thinking and study skills in addition to personal development and their use of digital technologies. Subject specific modules will run alongside these core modules, giving the students an opportunity to experience the satisfaction of learning in an academic environment.

Who can apply?

Potential students should be on an upward educational trajectory, even if they do not currently have the required grades to secure a place at Oxford.

Students eligible to apply for the Foundation Year will be:

  • Students from schools and Colleges that historically have had limited progression to Oxford

  • Students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds

  • Students from neighbourhoods with low participation in higher education

These are the same target groups that Oxford University has made a priority in its Access Agreement with OFFA, the Government’s Office for Fair Access.

Full details on the criteria can be found in the application guidebook

What does the course look like?

Students will take three core courses designed to prepare them both personally and academically for undergraduate study: educational guidance and study skills, use of digital technologies and academic writing. In addition, students will take a course relating to the specific subject that they have selected to study.

The subjects available to study in 2017/18 are: Biology; Biochemistry; Classical Archaeology and Ancient History; Classics; Classics and English; Classics and French, Classics and Spanish; Engineering; English; English and French; English and Spanish; French; Law; Maths; Maths and Statistics; Music; Psychology; Physics; Spanish; Theology; Theology and Philosophy.

For more information on the course content, please look at the LMH foundation year – course content.

Foundation Year students will, for the most part, be considered equivalent to LMH undergraduates. They will have a University card and access to facilities, but will not be full members of the University.

What will it cost?

Accommodation in college is free for the Foundation Year. LMH will cover the cost of teaching and provide a living allowance. Students will not need to take out a Student Loan to finance their studies on the Foundation Year.

How are students assessed?

Students will be assessed throughout the Foundation Year using a combination of continuous assessment (essays, projects, presentations) and exams.

Successful completion of the course will be judged by:

  • A high level of participation (at least 90% attendance, excellent interaction and motivation)
  • An excellent set of outcomes in all assessments and exams in core and subject specific elements (evidence of generally working at the level of someone who would go on to achieve a 2.1 degree)
  • An interview at the end of the course covering a portfolio of the Year’s work before a final decision
  • Subject specific tutors’ assessment of the candidates’ suitability to continue to the degree course


Acceptance onto the Foundation Year does not guarantee a place on a degree course at Oxford University. Students on the course will submit UCAS applications in October 2017 for full time degree courses: this application may be for courses at LMH, but will include other Universities.

Time involved

The Foundation Year is a full time course that will follow the Oxford academic year, with a one week introductory period included in the dates below.

Michaelmas (Autumn) Term: Sunday 24th September – Saturday 2nd December

Hilary (Spring) Term: Wednesday 10th January – Saturday 10th March

Trinity (Summer) Term: Wednesday 18th April – Saturday 16th June


How do I apply?

Please see the Apply for the LMH Foundation Year page for all information on completing an application. You are strongly advised to use the application guidebook to help you complete your application form.


What is the closing date for applying?

All applications must be completed and returned by noon on the 20th February 2017.

Should you have any queries on the Foundation Year and the application process, please call us Esther Fisher on 01865 274593 or email