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Managing an endowment is different because of the nature of the beneficiaries. For most pools of capital, such as pension funds, the beneficiaries are alive; for endowments the beneficiaries may not even be born. Managing an endowment requires a careful balance between managing the interests of today’s beneficiaries with those of future generations. Endowment management is focused on at least preserving the real value of gifts donated to fund activities in education and research and generating absolute real returns. This is different from the vast majority of other investors who may be concerned with liability matching or beating short term markets indices, whether they go up or down.

At OU Endowment Management (OUem) we believe in investing globally and across a range of assets. We have chosen not to build a large team in Oxford, who would have to cover a wide range of investments, but predominantly to find and partner with exceptional investment talent externally.

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Prospective Investments

The Oxford Endowment Fund Report outlines how we invest and what we look for when choosing investments. Further to reviewing this information, if you have a strategy which you wish to share with the team, please send it to:

Due to the number of ideas we receive, we would request that this system is followed, to allow the team to effectively review all ideas.


OU Endowment Management is a seven year old investment manager, established to meet the financial objectives of a 900 year old collegiate university.

We are a small team with a strong culture of excellence, focused on delivering innovative investment management services to our investors.

To meet the expectations of those who have chosen to invest with us, we recruit and retain exceptionally talented individuals with a clear enthusiasm for investment management. If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV to:


Our publicly available information is found in The Oxford Endowment Fund Report. We are a long term fund, stewarding perpetuity capital and, as such, we report on an annual basis. Further to reading the report, please direct any further questions to:

The University of Oxford

OU Endowment Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Oxford. Further information on the University can be found at

Oxford University Endowment Management Limited

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