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The Oxford Diplomas in Strategic Management

Oxford University’s Said Business School has developed a highly successful series of masters-level qualifications, The Oxford Diplomas in Strategic Management.  The Diploma is a unique academic programme that allows experienced executives to undertake high-level professional development and gain a postgraduate Oxford qualification whilst performing a senior-level role.

A typical participant on one of our Diploma programmes may wish to build skills and knowledge whilst studying for a formal qualification but lack the time to undertake a general management degree such as an MBA. The Diplomas give participants the rigour and depth of expected from a postgraduate qualification from the University of Oxford but in a format which allows participants to fulfil existing commitments whilst studying.

Each Diploma focusses upon a specific aspect of the highly ranked Oxford Masters in Business Administration (MBA) designed to offer senior executives a strategic overview of management in key areas essential to organisational success in the 21st century. The Diplomas are:

The Diplomas are run on a part-time basis with four on-campus modules and a final project and can be completed in 13 months and lead to the qualification of Postgraduate Diploma awarded by the University of Oxford.

Participants will need to attend each of the four modules and pass assessments on each as well as successfully completing the project report to receive the Diploma. Modules are assessed by a combination of formal examinations and assignment. There is a formal graduation ceremony held the following year.

Students may wish to pursue an executive degree programme such as the Oxford Executive MBA upon completion of the Diploma.