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University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

More than 19,000 people applied for undergraduate study in 2016 and over 26,000 people applied for graduate study for entry in 2016. Oxford has around 3,200 undergraduate places and about 5,400 graduate places each year.

Oxford is committed to recruiting the best candidates from all backgrounds and all identities. The University is committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality and values diversity. For more information about our access programmes and how to apply, please see our admissions pages.

Undergraduate admissions statistics 2016

A record 149,400 acceptances to higher-tariff UCAS providers were made in the 2016 cycle; an increase of 2.8% from the previous year. Over the last ten years, the UK has seen an increase of 3.9% in the number of A-levels sat, and in 2016 26% of A-level results were an A* or A grade. Applications to Oxford have increased by 38% over the same period, reaching an all-time high of 19,144 in 2015 (the 2016 cycle).

[Source: UCAS End of Cycle Report 2016; Joint Council for Qualifications; Oxford University data]

The following interactive views show Undergraduate Admissions Statistics for the years 2007-2016. Full details can be found in the Notes and definitions page.

Instructions on how to use the interactive Tableau software used to display these statistics can be found here (PDF).

Graduate admissions statistics