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Korea National University of Arts (K-ARTS/KNUA) is a national university in Seoul, South Korea. Korea National University of Arts was established in 1993 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea as the only national university of arts with an aim to serve as a leading institution which cultivates artists. It has 26 departments in six schools: Schools of Music, Drama, Film TV & Multimedia, Dance, Visual Arts, and Korean Traditional Arts.

University of the Arts Korea



  • Bachelor’s Program
  • Master’s Program
  • Artistic performance Training Programs (Prep School)
  • Talented Artists Education System

Schools and departments

  • School of Drama
    • Department of Acting, Department of Directing, Department of Playwriting, Department of Stage Design, Department of Theatre Studies
  • School of Dance
    • Department of Dance Performance, Department of Choreography, Department of Dance Theory, Department of Art Management
  • School of Music
    • Department of Vocal Music, Department of Opera, Department of Lied and Oratorio, Department of Instrumental Music, Department of Composition, Department of Musical Technology, Department of Conducting, Department of Musicology
  • School of Film, TV & Multimedia
    • Department of Film Making, Department of Cinema Studies, Department of Multimedia, Department of Animation, Department of Broadcasting
  • School of Visual Arts
    • Department of Fine Art, Department of Design, Department of Architecture, Department of Art Theory
  • School of Korean Traditional Arts
    • Department Of Traditional Arts Theory, Department Of Traditional Music, Department Of Traditional Dance, Department of Traditional Folk Theatrics
  • Interschool Division
    • Arts Management, Creation of Narratives, Musicals


Korea National University of Arts is made up of two Seoul-based campuses: the Seokgwan Campus and the Seocho Campus.