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The University of London Karate Club is known for its diverse and inclusive view of karate. We accept members of all levels and styles – we practice Shotokan Karate but you’re welcome to come along and join us whatever style you’re used to!

It’s a great way to blow off some steam, clear your mind, de-stress, and make friends while learning something useful.
Our sessions are always mixed-level and cover self-defence, competition karate (the squad regularly attends local, national and international competitions like BUCS – check out how our team did in 2017!), groundwork, and everything in between:

  • Basic techniques (lots!), both with and without hitting pads (very satisfying – ask any of our members!)
  • Kata (forms) – have a look here for the definition if you’ve never done karate before. We use these videos from Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa as a reference and use the techniques in the kata for self-defence applications, which brings us to the next point…
  • Bunkai! (aka applied techniques for real-life situations insipired by kata moves) – bonus: a video from our yearly Kata and Bunkai competition: the Art of Movement!
  • Kumite (sparring) and fitness; have a look at our 2016-17 President at the 2017 BUCS final for the senior male category, who qualified for the European University Championships and got to the top 8 in Europe!
  • Randori (groundwork: pressure points, locks and throws are all also part of the beautiful and diverse mix that is karate) and weapons (defence against knives, baseball bats, etc; hanbo katas and bunkai)
  • Realistic empty-handed (and not) self-defence (click here to find out more) – we believe karate is not all about blocking and punching the air from ridiculous-looking stances! It also includes several close-quarters striking and grappling techniques that are very handy in self-defence.

Lesson times

Our sessions run all year round (even through most holidays!), and we have venues in Central and South London:






Student Central

Malet St WC1E 7HY

Room 3C/D


SGUL Hunter Wing

SW17 0RE

2nd floor, Room AHR


Husky Studios

29A Amelia Street

SE17 3PY


Husky Studios*

29A Amelia Street

SE17 3PY


SGUL Hunter Wing

SW17 0RE

2nd floor, Room AHR

NB: SGUL sessions are on during term time only (UoL sessions are on during term time and during most of the summer) – check our social media pages for events!

Just choose whatever lessons fit better around your schedule!

Times and locations are subject to weekly variation; for questions please email or follow us on our social media (see below).

Where to find us

Like our Facebook page and join our group for lesson discounts and regular invites to training sessions and socials!

Follow us on Twitter for last minute updates and Instagram (@ulukarate) for karate-themed procrastination.

What Does It Cost?

Annual club Student Membership is £20. Associate Membership is £30.

You can pay per session (prices below) and get a £1 discount if you sign up on Facebook up to one hour before the lesson!

Student Non-Student
Full member £3 N/A
Associate £4 £5
Guests £5 £6

We also have pay per month deals depending on how often you want to train – ask us at any session if you’re interested!