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University Of Glasgow Moodle

University of Glasgow Moodle Information

The University of Glasgow is currently running Moodle 3.1.1 with all standard functionality (except where noted below).

A full description of Moodle 3.1 and all its features is available here, Staff users creating and editing content will be mostly interested in the following areas of the documentation:

Moodle Community

Additional (Optional) Plugins

Moodle Roles

Known Issues


Moodle Community

A vibrant international community exists at to promote, develop and support Moodle. Where questions or discussions are not specific to the University of Glasgow, users are encouraged to join the community and make use of the discussion forums to seek ideas and answers to problems:

University Of Glasgow Moodle

Moodle Roles

The University of Glasgow’s Moodle provides all the core Moodle roles and a number of custom ones. Roles offer a fixed list of capabilities for users in parts of Moodle (e.g. students in courses). There have been minor changes made in some of the core roles only to support local functionality and to address some security issues.

The core role ‘Teacher’ has been renamed ‘Staff’ but is otherwise the same.

The core role descriptions can be found at:

The non-core roles are as follows:

Adobe Connect Presenter
The presenter of a meeting and can present content, share a screen, send text messages, moderate questions, create text notes, broadcast audio and video, and push content from web links

Observers can view courses and student grades but may not alter activities. This is a variation on the “Staff” role and should not be assigned to Students. (Not to be confused with Revision Student)

Question sharer
Assign staff to this in a category (or site) containing all the required courses and questions created in the category/site context can be shared.

Revision student
Allow student access to view resources only.  (Not to be confused with Observer)

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