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Welcome to the Queen’s School of Engineering

Undergraduate degree programmes in the School are arranged within the separate Departments of Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, along with the interdisciplinary programme in Engineering Design. Our MEng undergraduates pursue professionally accredited specialised engineering programmes. They are also encouraged to study wider management, entrepreneurial and societal issues and to engage in original research and design activity. This combination of breadth and depth makes our graduates highly sought after by employers.

World-leading research contributes directly to all of the activities of the School, from the undergraduate degree curricula through a range of MSc and Doctoral Training programmes, to an extensive portfolio of Industrial Collaborations.

Faculty Research is organised into school-wide research groups – which include: Dynamics and Control, encompassing structural and nonlinear dynamics, aerodynamics, robust control, earthquake engineering, soil mechanics; Composite Materials (ACCIS), including leadership of the National Composites Centre; Applied Mechanics, which involves design, structural integrity evaluation and process engineering; Systems Engineering, including the collaborative Systems Centre; Water and Environmental Engineering, with links to the University’s Cabot Institute) and Robotics, including the collaborative Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

Major strategic industrial partnerships exist with companies such as Rolls-Royce, AgustaWestland Helicopters, Airbus, GE Aviation, EdF Energy and Vestas.


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