University of Manchester 3rd year results

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University of Manchester 3rd year results


First semester results

Students will be able to view results for each component of the assessment for a course (e.g. essay, presentation, examination) via the Student System. First semester examination results are normally published on the Student System during the last week in February.

First semester results are unconfirmed results. This means that the results you are given at that time will be subject to possible change by the external examiners (if applicable) and/or the Boards of Examiners held in the summer.

Feedback on Examinations: Course Coordinators are expected to provide some form of generic feedback on overall examination performance for posting on the course’s Blackboard space.

Feedback on coursework assessment: You should receive information from the Course Coordinator in the full course description on the process for receiving feedback on your coursework assessment.

First year students will be required to meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss their first semester assessment performance. Those who appear to be in need of further guidance may also be required to meet with their Programme Director. Students will be contacted via email towards the end of February concerning the arrangements.

Second year students will be provided with the opportunity to meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss their first semester performance.

University of Manchester 3rd year results

End of year results

We do not give results over the telephone under any circumstances, so please do not telephone Undergraduate Services or get friends or relatives to do so on your behalf as stopping to tell people that we cannot give the results over the phone just slows up the processing of results.

You will be notified by email when results are available to view and these exam FAQs may help with any queries you may have.

First and second year students

Students will be able to view and print a transcript of their end of year results via the Student System. These will be available once the Board of Examiners’ meetings have taken place in the summer and not later than the 7th July 2017. Students will be notified closer to the time with specific information.

Final year students

In 2017, the Finals Boards will take place on Monday 26th June and it is anticipated that the results will be posted on the student system by close of the day, Thursday 29th June.