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Welcome to the Student Finance website, dedicated to covering all financial matters concerning students studying at the University of Kent.

You will find information on tuition fees, how to make payments to the University, and details of the financial support you may be eligible to receive.

Funding Support for EU students 2016-17 and 2017-18

The Department for Education has announced that EU students applying for university places in the 2017-18 academic year will still have access to student funding support. Further information is available on the SLC site and at

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered on this website.

If you are a member of staff at the University, please visit the Staff Finance website.

University of Kent finance office

About the Department


Our mission is “to provide, in a cost efficient, professional and timely manner, services that allow the University to meet its statutory financial obligations and internal financial management objectives.”

Our primary focus is to provide the University as a whole (represented by its Governing Body, Council) and individuals holding budget responsibility with financial services and advice. This involves the payment of bills and salaries and collection of monies owed to the University. It also covers the production of monitoring reports and forward financial plans such as budgets and business plans.

The department also conducts ad hoc exercises such as investment proposal reviews, the raising of funds and is involved in the introduction of various HEFCE initiatives relating to financial management (eg TRAC and Effective Financial Management). We are also required to ensure that the University operates its affairs within the various external financial and tax regulations and ensure that the University’s financial records satisfy external audit.

In addition to our internal role, we are responsible for the production of financial statements and returns for various statutory bodies: HEFCE, HESA, Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise (VAT).

University of Kent finance office


Here are our top five most frequently asked questions…

1. How much are Home/EU undergraduate tuition fees for returning students?

Look-up your course fees

2. What funding can I get as an undergraduate student and how do I apply?

UK students can apply for a package of support from Student Finance that includes, where applicable:

  • Tuition fee loan
  • Maintenance loan
  • Maintenance grant

Students from England can get an indication of what support you may be entitled to by using the student finance calculator.

Students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should contact their relevant funding body.

EU students can apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan. However, EU students cannot usually apply for a maintenance loan or a maintenance grant.

Information on how to apply for all students can be found on the Student Finance website.

Students who are ordinarily resident in England may also be eligible for the Kent Financial Support Package .

3. How much are undergraduate tuition fees for new students?

University of Kent finance office

Look-up your course fees

4. How and when is my student loan paid?

The first instalment of your maintenance loan and maintenance grant is paid on the first day of the academic year, or three to five working days after confirmation of your registration from the University to Student
Finance England (SFE).

Payment is made directly into your bank account, by SFE, in three termly instalments. The letter entitled ‘Your Payment Timetable’ from SFE will show the dates and amounts of all the payments due to you.

Your tuition fee loan will get paid directly to the University from SFE, also in termly instalments. The University will receive 25% in the first term, 25% in the second term, and 50% in the third term.

5. What is the full-time overseas tuition fee for undergraduate/postgraduate students?