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University of East London Tuition Fees

A Smart and Affordable Investment

Did you know that graduates earn on average £12,000 per year more than non-graduates over their working lives?

All UK universities charge tuition fees, though most UK and EU students are eligible for a tuition fee loan from the UK government so they are able to ‘study now and pay later’.  If you are eligible for a tuition fee loan you won’t have to pay any fees up front and you won’t start paying the fees back until you’re earning a reasonable income – currently set at over £21,000.

  • No up-front fees
  • Students don’t pay – graduates pay
  • You only pay back your loan once you start work and earn more than £21,000 per year
  • Outstanding debt written off when you retire

You can find further details of the student loan system at the website.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for new UK/EU students starting in 2017 are typically:

  • Full-time: £9,250 per year
  • Part-time: £2,310 per 30 credit module
  • Placement year: £1,000 per year

The tuition fees for new international students starting in 2017:

  • Full time:  £11,440 per year

Please note that tuition fees for some courses may vary, please see individual course pages for specific information. Search our undergraduate course list.

Undergraduate tuition fees are regulated by the UK government, our 2017/18 Access Agreement sets out full details of our commitments.

Read the tuition fees policy for more information.

Additional Study-Related Costs

Students on some programmes will need to pay for study-related materials and activities such as field trips, art supplies, safety equipment and clothing, laboratory supplies, etc. The costs may vary depending on your module choices.

You can find information on the typical costs of individual courses on our courses pages. To find your course, search our undergraduate course list.