University for the creative arts student reviews

University for the creative arts student reviews

These are carefully collected reviews from both current and past students of UCA.


Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

12 Jan 17

If you’re already a skilled animator who enjoys a quiet lifestyle, then this is the course for you. If you are looking to develop your skills, or a complete beginner to animation like myself, chances are you’ll really struggle with this course. The tutors in second year onwards only seem to cater to the best, and are completely nonchalant when people drop out.


How does your uni make efforts to increase your employability (careers department, work placements, transferable skills)?

Little to no information. We are encouraged to research into it ourselves


What’s the best thing about your course & lecturers?

Great guest lectures visit on a regular basis


What do you think of your Students’ Union? If you don’t get involved, why not?

There’s a lot of whining and complaining but not a lot of issues actually being sorted. People get too easily offended and prefer to bicker and argue instead of actually resolving problems. The SU bar is also extremely lacking if you’re into that sort of thing, with poor freshers events.


If you live in university halls or private housing, what is your accommodation like?

I lived too close to Farnham to qualify for university halls and good quality private housing is really hard to come by. I got extremely lucky with my housing but a lot of landlords in Farnham really take the piss with their living conditions.

University for the creative arts student reviews


How good are your university’s facilities?

Well equipped, with animation rostrums, stop-motion studios and computer rooms, but the uni is taking on too many students for the amount of equipment/rooms on campus, meaning that it can be difficult to even find a computer free in the library at times.


What’s the city life like?

Farnham is a tiny village full of racists and snobbish elderly people who don’t like students. There are a few pricey pubs, but there’s little to do unless you visit further afield.


What are the clubs and societies like?

There are no clubs and the societies are too few and far between to fairly judge

University for the creative arts student reviews


How good is the support offered by the uni? Think both academic (tutors/feedback) and personal (counselling, etc).

The government cut funding, so the uni doesn’t offer any support to non-physical disabilities anymore. If you’re dyslexic, dyspraxic or suffer from ADD, ADHD or any other such disability then you won’t get the support you need.


How much does your uni give back to the community (think global and local), do any projects stand out?

Nothing. As mentioned before, the locals aren’t fond of the uni and rage against anything student related.