University for the creative arts masters

University for the creative arts masters

The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) is situated in the South East of England with four campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, and Rochester, as well as specialist courses at The Maidstone Television Studios and the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.  We’re a small and specialist university with an art college environment and each campus is populated by a concentration of talented students and academics. Creators of Rupert the Bear, Morph and Aleksandr the Meerkat all studied at UCA.  Now the second largest specialist creative arts university in Europe, we have a 160 year track record of educating creative practitioners who go on to lead in their chosen field.


At UCA, we pride ourselves on offering rich practice-based postgraduate courses with expert teaching from world-renowned staff, industry standard facilities, and excellent career advice.

Our courses are internationally recognised in the creative industries for the development of specialist skills, allowing you to build on expertise in your chosen field; a natural and seamless journey from undergraduate study to postgraduate certification.

University for the creative arts masters

Why do a postgraduate degree?

To further your career

While it may not increase your starting salary, a postgraduate degree can give you better access to higher-paid jobs, with studies showing that you can earn up to 30% more over the course of your career than those with an undergraduate degree.

To specialise

If you‘re already a creative professional, a postgraduate degree will provide you with an opportunity to update and refine certain skills, or to develop new or experimental ideas.

As a change of direction

A taught postgraduate degree could act as a conversion course to a different career by equipping you with a whole new skillset.

To pursue your passion

If you enjoyed your undergraduate degree, and want to continue to immerse yourself in the subject, an extra year in postgraduate education, or even staying to complete a PhD or Research degree, would be ideal.

To qualify

To become a registered architect takes seven years, with a combination of study and experience in the field. Our School of Architecture at UCA Canterbury offers both a BA (Hons) and MArch in Architecture to take you through the educational requirements. These courses are unconditionally validated by the Architects’ Registration Board and Royal Institute of British Architects (ARB/RIBA).