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RAG stands for Raising And Giving.

RAG is the student led Committee of the UCSU bound together by the mutual desire to raise money for charity and make a difference in people’s lives.

Every year, you as the students, get to vote on the Charity of the Year, which is the main organisation you wish to raise money for. This means that the annual RAG events profits then go to that charity.

You can however, choose to run your own fundraising activities for another charity if you want to and the UCSU can support you with this too.

We as the Students’ Union believe that everyone should be treated equally, without discrimination or prejudice, and believe that the student community as well as the local community have a responsibility to support, respect each other and do whatever they see fit to raise the profile and quality of living, lifestyle and well-being of their community’s members.

Last year saw a large amount of the student body giving up a great amount of their personal time and energy to making a difference to the lives of people in need.

Meet the Committee

Every year a student is democratically elected as the RAG Officer by the student body to lead the UCSU in its fundraising activities. This Officer is supported by a RAG Committee to assist them with supporting you; but also to have more of a student voice and allow more of you to actively engage in fundraising.

If you want to run a RAG fundraising event or activity with the UCSU, you can find everything you need in our RAG resources section or alternatively contact the RAG Officer via email at

Contact University Of Chichester  on the address below;