University of chester year abroad

University of chester year abroad

As a member of ISEP (the International Student Exchange Programme), we are able to offer you a range of exciting opportunities to study abroad.

So long as you achieve good grades in your first year, you may have the opportunity to study at an overseas university for a full academic year.  We have links with overseas partner institutions, including in the USA, Mexico and Australia through our Bilateral Exchange.

Why study Abroad?

Personal Development

  • Life changing experience which will enhance your confidence, independence and organisation skills
  • New friends and contacts from all over the world
  • Opportunity to explore new interests and exciting challenges like trekking or scuba diving

Academic Development

  • Gain decision making capabilities, increased academic interest and open mindedness
  • Varying perspectives on your area of study
  • Broaden your academic portfolio

Professional Development

  • Better prepared for the global job market than vast majority of UK students
  • More likely to be employed in graduate level work after graduation
  • Employers universally value ‘transversal’ skills when hiring
  • May earn points towards ‘The Chester Difference Award’ through fund raising, destination specific tasks, ambassadorial activities, and much more

University of chester year abroad

Study Abroad

The University of Chester offers students the opportunity to study abroad through a variety of programmes.

The Department of English also offers the following module to Single and Combined Honours English Language students:

This opportunity has been life-changing, has allowed me to experience a different country and culture first-hand and has opened my eyes to new possibilities for my future.

Sarah Horsfield

EN5308 Professional and Academic Development: Linguistics Study Placement (Germany)

As an English Language student (Single or Combined Honours) at the University of Chester you have the opportunity to study abroad for three months at the end of your second year of study.

Why study abroad?

Transferable skills and the internationalisation agenda are increasingly at the forefront of developments in teaching and learning in the Humanities. Our specially developed module, EN5308 Professional and Academic Development: Linguistics Study Placement (Germany), seeks to build on this trend by engaging with one of the University’s European partners, the University of Duisburg-Essen, in order to provide an experience for students which is both academically rewarding and a key contribution to the employability of the participants.

University of chester year abroad

What will I study?

You will attend and engage with three scheduled courses offered within either or both of the English Linguistics and Language History and General Linguistics and Varieties of English sections of the Department of Anglophone Studies in the Faculty of Humanities at Duisberg-Essen. All modules are delivered through the medium of English and you are strongly encouraged to choose modules which complement your programme at the University of Chester.

How will I be assessed?

You will use your attendance and engagement with the courses in Germany as a springboard for the completion of your module assessments, all of which will be assessed by the English Language programme team at the University of Chester. Assessment consists of two 500-word blogs and an English Language/Linguistics project focussing on subject material from one of the courses you attended while in Germany.  The combination of these modes of assessment will allow you to reflect on your academic interests and expertise enabling you to enter your final year with a unique international perspective on your studies and future career plans.

What do other students think about this module?

Recent graduate, Sarah Horsfield, blogged about her experience studying in Germany.  Click here to read about her experience.