University of chester volunteering

University of chester volunteering


      If you want to enhance your CV; gain new skills; make a difference to the world around you; have fun and enjoy a challenge, or if you just want to do something extraordinary, then give volunteering a go. If you are a current, registered student at University of Chester, you can view opportunities on our Portal pages.

You might want to commit to an hour or two each week, or you could try a few of our one-off events.

We offer a range of volunteering opportunities, so you won’t be short of choice.

University of chester volunteering

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering in your spare time has a wide range of benefits which can impact in every area of your life.

  • Volunteering develops your existing skills and also gives you the chance to gain new ones
  • It can help you to make more informed career choices
  • It makes a positive difference to the lives of others
  • It helps you to experience diversity
  • It helps you to build confidence
  • You can make new friends
  • It’s good for your mind and body
  • It helps you to connect to and feel established within your new University city
  • It’s really good fun!

University of chester volunteering

The most popular reasons our students give for volunteering is that they do it to develop their career skills and improve their CV and to give something back to their community.

TimeBank commissioned to carry out research amongst over 3,000 employers and employees across the UK in June 2009. Findings included that:

  • 73% of employers said they’d employ someone who has volunteered over someone who hasn’t
  • Over 70% of employers believe that those who volunteer have a better chance of earning a higher salary and gaining promotion
  • When recruiting, 80% of employers value volunteering on a CV.

Our local communities and residents also benefit significantly from the help and experiences that young people bring through volunteering, meaning the benefits are further reaching than you can ever imagine.

So there really is no reason not to!

University of chester volunteering

What’s on offer?

We work closely with local charities and organisations to provide you with hundreds of different opportunities around Chester and Cheshire.  If you are a current, registered student at University of Chester, you can view these on our Portal pages.

Below are examples of the types of volunteering you could get involved in whilst at the University of Chester.

University Based Volunteering
Student Ambassadors, Hall Wardens, Sports Captains, Executive Committees, Society Presidents, and Student Academic Representatives (StARS) are all counted as volunteering.

Schools and Young People
We have a huge collection of opportunities working with young people in a range of different settings.  We also run a School Mentoring project helping young people to improve academic attainment, raising aspirations and encouraging them to think seriously about Higher Education.

We also advertise opportunities to work with adults in a range of opportunities such as befriending, arts and crafts or just general helping with adults from all walks of life whether they be homeless, in care homes or just in the local community.

Environment and Conservation
Opportunities are available to get involved in conservation projects, ranging from maintaining our local canals to tree planting and creating animal habitats.

University of chester volunteering

Green Issues
We all want to make the University a greener place to work and study and we need your help to do so. You could be helping the staff to be greener in the workplace, encouraging students to recycle and be more sustainably-minded, growing organic fruit and vegetables at the University’s allotment or helping to organise the on campus Veg Bag scheme.

Health and Nutrition
From opportunities with the local hospital, healthy eating sessions with adults and young people alike and sports coaching, there is something there for students with an interest in health and fitness.

We have a huge bank of charities all looking for exciting and innovative ways of raising money for their causes. From sky dives, fancy dress bag packs or helping to manage and plan large scale fundraising events, the possibilities with fundraising are endless.

Whilst many of our opportunities are based in and within close proximity of the City Centre, specific opportunities will require you to travel to the Wirral or North Wales. Though this might sound off putting, the best experiences are generally the ones where a little more effort is required.