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University of chester quality

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Quality and Standards Manual

     The University’s Quality and Standards Manual comprises a series of handbooks relating to each of the main sections of the Principles and Regulations:

Although Handbooks are primarily regulatory, they also contain some advice and guidance.  You can view our Handbooks by using the links below or by using the download links on the right hand side of this page.

Handbook A: Design of Academic Provision and Structures
Handbook B: Validation, Modification and Withdrawal of Academic Provision
Handbook C: Collaborative Arrangements
Handbook D: Evaluation, Monitoring and Review
Handbook E: The Admission of Students
Handbook F: Requirements Governing the Assessment of Students
Handbook G: Research Supervision and Assessment of Students Undertaking Research Degree Programmes
Handbook H: Professional Programmes and Placement Learning
Handbook I: Information about the University and Its Provision
Handbook J: Supporting Student Academic Achievement

University of chester quality

Academic Quality Support Services

   Academic Quality Support Services (AQSS) is responsible for managing the University’s processes to assure the quality and standards of its academic provision.

…providing advice and guidance and administrative support in the areas of quality and enhancement, and in relation to academic organisational audit and review.

This includes oversight of the following activities.

  • Approval, monitoring and review of programmes of study and those who deliver them, including the University’s faculties and its partner institutions.
  • Periodic review of the University’s academic support service departments.
  • Organisation of awards assessment boards and management of the external examiner system.
  • Management of the procedures for dealing with academic appeals and academic malpractice.
  • Servicing of several University committees and of audits and working parties on different aspects of the University’s work.
  • Preparation of the University for various forms of external audit and review.
  • Information about the University and its provision, including the production of KIS data and Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • To promote and support the active involvement and engagement of students in a wide range of the university’s quality assurance and enhancement and other academic related activities

University of chester quality

AQSS is headed by the Dean of Academic Quality & Enhancement, and forms part of Academic Quality and Enhancement along with the LTI (Learning and Teaching Institute) .

Its offices are at 24 Liverpool Road, Chester, a few minutes’ walk from the main University campus.