University of chester orchestra

University of chester orchestra


Welcome to the University of Chester Orchestra!

Orchester’, bringing music into the ‘North West-er’!

Webster’s dictionary defines an orchestra as a group of musicians who play usually classical music together and are lead by a conductor.

Now its true, we are lead by an amazing conductor but this is the extent of how far the definition describes us. We like to play a mixture of music; from film scores to classical movements, popular television themes to well known songs, all with the aim to not only have fun but to bring the joy of music to the public.

University of chester orchestra

‘A group of musicians’ whilst technically true, doesn’t show the amount of heart that is found in our little community – nay clan. For together we are so much more than a random selection of people from different backgrounds, we are a group joined by music but united by friendship. The word clan shows our keen and fighting spirit to be noticed within the university and to get involved. It shows our goal to challenge ourselves to support both charity and Chester, to break the orchestral stereotype of being just a group of geeks, for which we are so much more!

If you chose to join the orchestra society you will be choosing to join more than just a society, you will be choosing to join a culture, a circle, a friendship.

In 2015/2016 we played at a variety of events and venues such as our Christmas concert, society ball which took place at the Racecourse, charity fundraising in Chester City centre and also playing in Chester Cathedral. During our charity fundraising events we have raised over 350 pounds which we have proudly donated to Nordoff Robbins. We aim to continue our fundraising next year so we can carry on providing opportunities for people less fortunate than ourselves. We have also loved getting involved with the local community and playing at places such as Upton Dene Residential Home and Woodlands Primary school where we played for the Year 5 school musical. We have also enjoyed taking part in many events across campus this year including Chester’s best dance crew, super team challenge and the society showcase evening. We have ran many social events this year, our Wednesday night socials have the best most exciting themes!

University of chester orchestra

In 2016/2017 we hope to have an even bigger and better year than 2015/2016. We want to organise more charity events and raise more money than ever before. We also hope to get involved with more sports and societies around the university and we have even started planning combined socials and charity events! Playing music together is not only great for us but also for those who listen and we will be reaching out once again into the community to perform as much as possible!

Why should you join the Orchestral Society?

Firstly- this society is more than just an orchestra, we’re a family. We welcome newcomers with open arms as we are a group of students with that one thing in common: we all love music. We’re also willing to try a variety of things and venture out of our musical comfort zones, and will try most things in the name of charity. Sports? Sure. Baking? Yes. Dancing? Most definitely. Not only do we play for more prestigious events at the Racecourse and at the Cathedral but we also have more informal relaxed performances in the streets of Chester and more. No matter what we’re participating in, making music is at the centre of our endeavours.

We also have a variety of things going on with our socials too, and with plans to make our outings bigger and better next year, first years can quickly make new friends! It’s also not too late for older musicians to join too. Whether you’re a beginner, experienced, or haven’t picked up your instrument in a very long time, joining the Orchestral Society is something worth doing!